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All Ukulele Song Tutition

Organized Alphabeticaly by Artist



All Ukulele Song Tuition

Organized Alphabeticaly by Artist




We have new songs every Wednesday and every Friday so make sure that you come back and check the list, because it is growing. Also make sure to leave a comment below and let us know what songs that you want to learn, maybe we can help you learn one of your favorite songs.

Have you benefited from learning with us and you would like to pay it forward and help us grow a little bit? Have you heard about what we are trying to do and develop with some social programs to get Ukulele's into kids hands who don't have the resources? Just want to say thank you and kick us a digital tip for the lessons? You can do all that here.

Leave a comment!

Do you have a song that you really want to learn? Did you find a particular lesson extra helpful? Maybe you just want to tell us how your day went. It's all good, make a comment and share it with your friends so we can keep learning how to play the Ukulele together.

Have You Seen Us On Youtube?

With new songs every Wednesday and Sunday plus all kinds of other lessons, includig blues, fingerstyle Ukulele and much more, the channel has something for learners of all levels. Check it out and you will learn something fun, we promise.

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