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Ukulele Songs

We have a ton of songs ready for you to learn right now!

So you have your Ukulele and you're ready to rock? Just click the link to the song you want to learn and start playing! We have everthing from beginner to advanced with everything in between, from rock to reggae. No matter what your prefernce or skill level we have something for you!

Ukulele Technique

Do You Want More!?!

We don't just want you to be able to play other peoples songs, we want you to be able to jam other peoples songs. Learn how to solo, improvise, play the blues, extend chords, change keys, play with modes, and all that good stuff that helps make you a complete musician and Ukulele player.

Take a look

Some cool examples

Here is an example of a jam video that we did and another example of an old Motown classic we taught. Check them out, there is tons more where that came from. 

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