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Have an idea for a video? Want to get a private lesson with skype? Want to learn a specific style? Stay in conctact with us and let us know what you want so we give you exactly what you want.

Come check us out!

  • A ton of your favoirte songs with tabs, strum patterns, riffs and even play-a-longs

  • How to improvise and play lead

  • Fingerstyle guitar

  • Acoustic, electric, we have got you covered

  • The best place to learn guitar online

Everything You Need In One Spot:

Just starting the guitar? Restarting after life got in the way? Looking to give the gift of music to someone? Look no further than right here at TenThumbs, we have all the guitar lessons you need to make you the player that you want to be. Everything from jamming out songs to how to solo, play the blues, fingerpicking and much much more! All you have to do is click on the lesson that you want to learn and than you can just watch it and rock it out, it's that easy!

Welcome to the guitar!

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