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Just Click a Technique and Learn


From the Mississippi Delta to Chicago and around the world, the Blues music has had an impact on almost all popular music in the western world. A study of this style will provide fruit in all your Ukulele labors. From the 12 bar blues and dominant 7th chords to ZZ top style turnarounds and smoking solos, the blues provide hours of fun. Check out some from free lessons right here.

Are you in an upper beginner rut and ready to take your next big step as a Ukulele player? This is an excellent place to get started. Once you get away from only strumming your songs and you start to intergrate fingpicked arrpegios, moving melodies, added harmony you will discover a whole new world of rich ideas and right hand dynamics that you never knew possible.

Chords and their progressions are the essential building blocks that make up music. They create the harmony that carries the melody, and when combined with strumming they create the foundation for the rhythm as well. Here we will look at how to play a variety of different chords to expand our chord vocabulary as well as barre chords and how to grip them.

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