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Grab your Ukulele, Grab your Brain, Grab your TenThumbs Gear


TenThumbs Pillow

Relaxing on the coach with your Ukulele or guitar and you need something to lean on? No need to look any further than the TenThumbs Pillow. Stylish, cool, comfortable, and of course, excellent for everything from playing Ukulele to watching your favorite movie with your sweet heart.

TenThumbs Acryllic Coffe Mug

If you are like me you really enjoy starting your day with a hot coffee, and if you are like me you also don't always have time to sit down and enjoy that coffee like you should be able to. This acryllic mug is fantastic and it is great to take your coffee and your TenThumbs pride with you on the road to work, class, or maybe to the park to play some music!

TenThumbs Notebook

Got an idea for a song? Really want to write the chords to the last song you learned playing with TenThumbs? Well, we have the perfect solution, the TenThumbs notebook! You can write down, chords, songs, ideas and of course it isn't limited to just music, it makes a great canvas for doodles, or maybe chemistry notes... maybe a love letter? Get your TenThumbs notebook today.

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